Why do you always have to have chicken soup in the freezer?

It tastes good and is especially good in winter: chicken broth. A griddle filled with it conveys a feeling of comforting warmth and brings back childhood memories.

Our grandmothers were happy to serve it to us as a miracle cold remedy and were convinced that the invigorating broth would help. In times of Corona, it is certainly not a mistake to cook a large pot of it, perhaps even enriched with a little chilli or ginger.

Help with colds

In traditional Chinese medicine, chicken soup is a common tonic and is taken to prevent colds. Researchers at the University of Nebraska have long scientifically proven that chicken soup helps cure colds, sore throats, runny noses and upper respiratory tract infections.

The immune system is supported

They discovered, for example, that the white blood cells (neutrophil granulocytes), which are jointly responsible for the inflammatory process, are blocked or their activity inhibited by the consumption of chicken soup. The amino acid cysteine, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the immune system, is responsible for this extremely positive effect.

Incidentally, a hot chicken soup also helps relieve a bad cold. In addition to this, chicken soup contains significant amounts of zinc. There should be a place in every freezer for an organic soup chicken.

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