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From cheap to expensive: canned chicken soups in comparison

A good chicken soup was satiating and was Grandma’s secret weapon for recharging your batteries in case of a cold. If you don’t want to cook yourself, you can choose from many canned ready-made products in the supermarket. Our expert and tester eaters reviewed three – from cheap to expensive. Watch the video to see which are the best in terms of ingredients and taste!

Disappointed branded product

We tested these products:

Is the most expensive chicken soup also the best quality? Not according to the judgment of our testers. Nutrition expert Stephan Lück particularly criticizes the low proportion of meat: “4.7%! In chicken soup! And Silke, test eater, finds: “It also tastes a bit like water.”

Even with pea soup, goulash soup or dumpling wedding soup, our test shows that the most expensive is not always the best! Here you can see which variant works best in each case.

Tips for the Perfect Chicken Soup

A delicious chicken soup is made with simple ingredients


It doesn’t matter the brand: no canned soup comes close to homemade chicken broth. Lück explains what’s important: “It’s important that you not only take the thighs or the brisket, but also that you really put the bones in there. Ideally, it should cook for two or three hours – minimum. And then I I have a great Bouillon.”

For the homemade chicken soup, the trained chef Lück needs ingredients for just under 17 euros – that’s enough for a total of six liters. At around 2.80 euros per litre, it is cheaper than the branded product in the test.

You will find delicious recipes for the perfect chicken soup on kochbar.de.

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