What makes chicken soup so healthy?


November 01, 2020 – 5:48 p.m. look

Soup as a soul flatterer

It awakens childhood memories for us, is a popular home remedy for colds, warms and often chased away hangovers after a night of drinking – chicken soup. A reason for us to take a closer look at them. What makes chicken soup so healthy?

This is how chicken soup helps with a cold

Grandma always knew that when she had a cold, chicken soup was her number one miracle weapon. And the grandmother was right, because chicken soup gives us new strength when we have infections. Its vapor moistens the mucous membranes and thus better rids the nose and throat of secretions. Heat kills viruses and warms from the inside.

In addition, the ingredients in fresh chicken soup should have an antibacterial effect and thus fight infections in the upper respiratory tract. It is unclear exactly which ingredients or ingredients are responsible for this. Also, many experts are skeptical of studies on the healing effects of chicken soup. After all, a cold usually goes away after a few days, even without soup.

Also ideal for stomach problems

However, doctors do not advise against it. Because it provides important minerals and, last but not least, helps with fluid intake, which is especially important when you have a fever. And what’s more, the soup is associated with a healing effect – and what’s good for the soul is also good for the body.

In addition, chicken soup not only helps with colds, it is also easy to digest. This makes it a perfect dish for stomach issues or as a hangover meal. And finally, homemade chicken soup is absolutely delicious – whether we have a cold or not.

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