Virologist Prof. Dr. Hendrik Streeck recommends chicken soup and kisses

“If a virologist at the forefront of research says”The chicken soup is really good“, so it calms me down,” presenter Bettina Böttinger confessed in an interview with Hendrik Streeck to “Kölner Treff”. This time, the virologist not only talked about Corona, but also about his recently published book, in which he deals with the human immune system.

The director of the Institute for Virology and HIV Research at the University of Bonn started this project six years ago: “At the time, I started a fairy book for children to show what I actually do. From there, the book was created with the drawings. The immune system defends us every day against millions of germs and we don’t even notice it.”

Chicken soup, kisses, vitamins

A short chapter of his work also discusses home remedies that can support the immune system. Bettina Böttinger was particularly interested in this because she had just had a cold. Then the conversation turned to chicken soup: “Chicken soup naturally contains a lot of vitamins – vitamin C, vitamin E – but especially protein. We need them to form antibodies from them, which then act against pathogens,” explained Hendrik Streeck.

The virologist also has a clear opinion on taking vitamin preparations: “Basically, a multivitamin preparation produces expensive urine because most of it is excreted again. If you really have a vitamin deficiency, the doctor will notice it, and you will also replace it. Kisses, on the other hand, received a clear recommendation – of course not in Corona times and when you have a cold, but in principle:

“Because we come into contact with foreign pathogens, the immune system is strengthened. The throat cells in particular are then more alert if another pathogen can make you sick. And of course we have more experience with many different bacteria and viruses than we may have ever encountered before.

And the carnival in view of “Corona”?

It is clear that Bettina Böttinger in the “Kölner Treff” shortly before 11.11. thought about the upcoming carnival when it came to “kissing”. Hendrick Streeck wouldn’t give a recommendation on how to handle crazy days. He remained diplomatic: “It is ultimately a political decision. We will have a high number of infections, but at the same time we also know that there is in fact no great danger for those who have been vaccinated. or tested and recovered. The problem is, of course, when we have large crowds of people, superspreader events can happen. It probably depends a lot on the USI numbers at the time.

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