This is what the 3.5 year old soup looks like today


A disgusting soup amuses Twitter

Many were excited about what had developed in the hermetically sealed pressure cooker. Twitter user Debora Antmann aka DontDegradeDebs had banned the chicken soup her sister brought to the balcony – and hadn’t touched it for 3.5 years. She asked on Twitter if she should dare to open the pressure cooker herself. Or could it even be dangerous? Along with lots of fun suggestions from the Twitter community, pot maker Fissler also responded. Debora sent them #Schrödinger’s chicken soup well packaged to the lab. And now Fissler has finally revealed the secret to what’s now in the pot.

This is what the soup looks like

Stock pot maker Fissler shared this photo of Rotten Chicken Soup.

© Facebook, Fissler

“Allow? #Schrödinger’s chicken soup,” Fissler wrote on Facebook of the first image of the contents of Debora’s long-neglected soup. The hashtag had already established itself on Twitter for the stranger in the pot – based on the paradox surrounding “Schrödinger’s cat”: if you leave a cat in a box with an unstable atomic nucleus, it dies at the same time – as long as you don’t look AND alive. According to this joke, before the pot was opened, the contents were still edible and…well…pretty evil at the same time.

But what is really in the jar?

“Predicate: inedible”

Unfortunately, the long-awaited resolution is quite disappointing. “Contrary to your expectations, we cannot offer you a spectacular video because opening the Fissler pressure cooker was absolutely harmless. It was easy to open even after three years on the balcony”, writes the manufacturer Fissler on Facebook .

“But what about chicken soup?” We checked and summarized:

  • it becomes extremely fragrant
  • it has retained the physical state of liquid
  • Predicate: inedible”

Finally, Fissler promises that the jar and its contents will be disposed of properly.

Debora is certain: Fissler has adopted the newly created life form in the jar

No fun video, social media or action marketing? At least as disappointing for Debora as for the many people who have followed the fate of #Schrödinger’s chicken soup in recent weeks.

“I gave Fissler a pot WITH THE EYES and his own # and a lot of public interest,” Debora wrote on Twitter and listed everything that could have been done – live streams of the ride or the opening at infotainment on cooking pots.

“The fact that Fissler decided to end the chicken soup of #Schrödinger SO allows me to draw 2 possible conclusions:

  1. Either Fissler has the worst social media team in the world (which might sound plausible to many of you) or
  2. Fissler did the only sensible thing and decided not to expose the chicken soup dwellers of #Schrödinger to the upcoming hype and instead put them in a nice, quiet house at headquarters.

I want to believe in 2. and respect that. So I wish the best to #Schrödinger’s chicken soup. Don’t get too wild in Idar-Oberstein!”

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