This is what happens when you eat soup every day

After a long walk in the forest, we feel on the one hand how the cold winter air fills us with new positive energy and fresh thoughts and on the other hand the exhaustion in our legs, with the desire benevolent warmth. The perfect opportunity to end the day with a large plate of homemade soup. Depending on the season, we can take inspiration from seasonal ingredients, such as pumpkin or parsnip at the moment, and give our creations a little extra with exotic spices. With the variety of variants, we quickly get the taste that the colorful broths should not remain a one-day dish, but accompany us longer through the cold months.. In the article, we reveal to you the beneficial effects of eating soup every day.

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1. It strengthens your immune system

It’s not without reason that soups are the meal of choice when you’re in bed with the flu. In addition to quickly relieving symptoms such as chills or a runny nose, they also protect us against illness in the long term. In particular, broths made from cooked meat provide us with the necessary nutrients, which are additionally supported by vitamins and minerals from vegetables. Additionally, we often refine our broth with fresh herbs like parsley or chives, which are also absolute immune boosters. Our tip for the cold season: A little ginger and turmeric not only give an enticing color and an oriental taste, but are also among the power foods par excellence for our health!

2. It helps with weight loss

Another good idea to eat soup every day is the possibility of losing a few pounds as a result. If you don’t toss grandma’s liver dumplings or pancake strips into the broth, your dish is almost exclusively made up of alkaline foods that are high in fiber and therefore promote weight loss. Plus, we can’t swallow the hot liquid like other dishes, so slowly with a spoon it fills us up faster and longer. However, be sure to choose something high in protein, such as chickpeas or lentils, as the base for your soup or you may get cravings later.

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