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For the first time since the corona crisis, a Bilz regulars table will take place again this year. The tourist office “Rochlitzer Muldental” provides information on this. Alternative practitioner and physiotherapist Beate Bartel from Rossau explains on April 25 which home remedies are best, what should be taken into account during treatment and which recipe is useful. Chicken soup, veal wraps and more have a long tradition. Home remedies are very popular, they are said to be a gentle alternative to conventional medicine. The Bilz health and activity region of Burgstädt, Lunzenau and Penig is dedicated to the ideas of naturopath Friedrich Eduard Bilz (1842 to 1922). Bilz also took care of a correct and healthy diet. In order to adopt a balanced and healthy diet in the health and activity region of Bilz, the “Active Kitchen” takes place regularly in Burgstädt. (bj)

Meet:April 25, 6:30 p.m. the Bilz regulars table will take place in the Schwanen pharmacy in Burgstädt, Markt 14 (entrance via Herrenstraße 21). Cost: 6 euros. It is necessary to register at the pharmacy or by calling 03724 14749 or

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