The cook (25) falls into a pot of chicken soup and dies


05 July 2021 – 16:47 look

Accident in a canteen kitchen in Iraq

In Iraq, a chef fell into a pot of chicken soup. As reported by international media, Issa Ismail (25) was injured so badly that he died. His colleagues immediately helped him and he was taken to hospital. But the doctors could no longer help him. Loch fought for his life for five more days before succumbing to his injuries. The chef suffered third-degree burns to 70% of his body, according to Gulf News.

Huge soup pots in Baghdad. (symbolic photo)

© imago stock, ima

The incident reportedly happened in June during preparations for a wedding celebration in Zaxo town, Dahuk governorate. It is in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

Mortally injured cook leaves behind three children

For eight years, Issa Ismail had cooked for various major parties: weddings, funerals and other occasions. His salary was 25,000 dinars a day, the equivalent of around 14.50 euros. The chief leaves behind a son and two daughters – his youngest child is said to be only six months old.

The accident sparked discussions on social media platforms in the Arab world about working conditions in canteen kitchens. Apparently they care! Many users have called for stricter work safety measures. The photos show how dangerous kitchens in Iraq can be. Huge cauldrons and smaller cooking pots are found around, and cooking is often done over open fireplaces. (cli)

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