Soup cooking mistakes: IT ruins everything!

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How boring…
Wrong seasoning? These mistakes ruin every soup!

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A lot of things can go wrong when cooking soup…

Cooking can be a real challenge, even with soup. What can go wrong! We’ll tell you what mistakes most people make – and how you can do better instead.

When it’s cold and uncomfortable outside, there’s nothing better than a good warming soup. Anyone who relies on home cooking has certainly noticed at some point that things don’t always go well. Because there are a lot of Mistakes many make when making soup. We reveal more.

Soup Making Mistake #1: You’re Using Too Much Fat When Searing Ingredients

Onions, leeks and the like are ingredients that, when cooking soup, are often sautéed before the water is poured in. This gives delicious roasted aromas, but can also contribute to the soup becoming too oily in the end. So be sure to use fat or oil used sparingly.

And if the soup is already too oily, the following applies: damage limitation. You have several options for this. For example, you can fold some kitchen paper and pull it gently over the surface of the soup. Paper absorbs grease. Alternatively, you can refrigerate the soup for a few hours. The fat settles on the surface and can then be easily skimmed off with a spoon.

Number 2: They use ready-to-use bouillon cubes

Certainly, if you do not have much time, powdered broths or ready-made bouillon cubes are extremely practical. However, you cannot expect perfect taste. Of course, it is better to prepare vegetable broth yourself – pleasant with greens, water and spices. You can also cook leftover vegetables that might have been left over from dinner the night before.

And if you want to save time in the future, fresh and delicious: why not pre-cook more vegetable stock while you’re at it anyway. The broth is excellent for freezing – for example, in portions in an ice cube tray. So you can use the broth in the right amount the next time you cook soup.

Number 3: They boil the soup

Boil all the ingredients properly so that the flavors can develop wonderfully – you inevitably have this thought when cooking a soup. This is not wrong, but when boiling it can happen that the flavors of certain ingredients come out too succinctly – and whiten the desired taste of the soup.

Good things take time, even with soup. It is better to choose a medium flame and allow more time. In this way, the aromas and flavors are delicately cooked from the ingredients.

Number 4: You are using too much water

Too little water for too few ingredients – this can be quite annoying, especially with cream soup. At the latest when you take out the hand blender, puree and then realize that the soup has turned out to be much too liquid. With vegetable soups, you can be careful in advance and cook floury potatoes and mash them later. It makes everything nice and creamy and the soup gets a great bond.

However, if the child has already fallen into the well, a dash of cream or crème fraîche can change the consistency and make everything creamier. A few flakes of mashed potato powder also work wonders, as does cornstarch mixed with water.

Number 5: You’re seasoning wrong

A lot helps a lot – but when you’re seasoning a soup, there’s no way you should reach for the spice rack and start seasoning as much as you can. For one thing, not all spices go well with all ingredients. You should take a close look at the chosen recipe.

On the other hand, you quickly run the risk of a soup becoming too salty. The ingredients of a soup are themselves spicy – and the longer a soup cooks, the more intense the taste. If you add salt too soon, you may end up with an overly salty soup. So it’s best to finish cooking the soup with just a little salt and then add more seasoning!


If you keep in mind these few typical mistakes when making soup, nothing can go wrong! Now that you’re so well prepared, you might as well swing the wooden spoon happily! If you are still looking for ideas for soups, you should click through our gallery. There is so much to explore:

In the kitchen, there are an incredible number of stumbling blocks, almost all of which are not on the screen. Did you know that there are many things that can go wrong when cooking potatoes, just like preparing scrambled eggs? We would be happy to inform you about all the typical mistakes that can spoil a delicious meal.

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