Soul food for the immune system: why chicken soup is so good for us

Hymns to the abilities of a plate full of hot chicken soup go back a long way – from ancient traditional Chinese medicine to Jewish culinary tradition to our mothers and grandmothers, hot soup was and is served as an aid in almost all situations. .

However, when the well-known virologist Hendrick Streek, one of Germany’s best-known corona explicators, sings a song of praise for good old chicken soup, i.e. to stay in the cosmos of the soup, something like chives on the soup.

In an interview with the German press agency he explained the effects on the immune system: “A fresh chicken soup contains vitamin C and vitamin E, which has a positive effect.” Chicken soup also stimulates the formation of mucus in the throat. “With more mucus production, pathogens are eliminated more easily.” And as if these arguments were not enough, Streeck adds: Chicken soup also contains certain amino acids that the immune system needs as building blocks for its development.

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