Recipes: Winter stews are like a hug from the inside

One-pot meals have all the ingredients for a favorite meal. They satisfy the whole family and are easy to prepare. Once the ingredients have been chopped, they no longer require any attention; Close the lid and the soup simmers effortlessly over low heat.

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One-pots with or without meat

With or without meat: root vegetables – beets, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, black salsify or various cabbages – generally simmer in a vegetable or meat broth. If you want to make a lentil, bean and pea stew, some planning is required, as legumes are best soaked overnight beforehand.

The cuisines of the world bring new ideas into the pot. Berlin blogger Peggy Schatz cooks a Savoyard date stew, seasoned with harissa powder. Or she gives herself a scented greeting using rose water. For example white beans, which she cooks with Brussels sprouts and potatoes. White beans (500-600 grams) are soaked overnight in flavored water with two tablespoons of dried rose petals.

Balsamic in lentil soup

On her “Growing Wild” blog, Schatz describes how she creatively expands recipes and lives her penchant for “edibles made from wild herbs, wild vegetables, wild fruits, and tree parts. savages”. Peggy Schatz likes the play of tangy and fruity aromas, for example in the “sweet and spicy rutabaga” vegan pot: “In the oven, the rutabaga develops a concentrated and slightly tangy aroma. This harmonizes with the sweetness and tartness of the pineapple. Polka dots bring more softness to the game,” says Peggy Schatz.

Vinegar also gives fruit a boost in thick winter stews. Balsamic complements lentil soup, elderberry vinegar goes well with sweet potato soup. Another suggestion: For a sweet potato and radish stew, she fried sweet potato chips. She keeps a piece of sweet potato for this, grates it and dries it with kitchen paper. Next, she heats the cooking oil in a small saucepan, carefully adds the sweet potatoes, and lightly browns them. The shavings are fished out using a slotted spoon and placed on a paper towel to drain them.

Lemon Lentil Soup for Parents of Young Children

A lemony lentil soup on Melanie and Sönke Brummerloh’s blog is popular with parents of smaller children who don’t have much time to chop a lot beforehand. It’s on the table in less than 20 minutes. “The soup doesn’t need ginger or garlic, just cut the leek,” explains Mélanie. “Turmeric and cumin give off a pleasant aroma, as does freshly squeezed lemon juice,” adds Sönke. Roasted kale, Swiss chard or bok choi set green accents.

Antoniya Hasenöhrl reveals on how she lifts the basic recipe for a Bulgarian bean soup: she uses red beans or canellini. They are cooked with savory, tomatoes, onions, carrots and Kasseler. Alternatively, heavily seasoned raw sausages can be used. “Sucuk” from Bulgaria is made from beef, veal and lamb. You can change the soup: dill instead of savory, sour cream makes it creamy, lime makes it tangy.

Nordkurier recipe magazine

A stew-themed recipe magazine is available for EUR 2.95 at the Neubrandenburger Nordkurier service point at Engelsring 29, 0800 1513030 (freephone).

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