Recipe: Pleasure expert Gerd Rindchen makes beef soup


Recipe: Pleasure expert Gerd Rindchen makes beef soup

Gerd Rindchen, food expert and former operator of Rindchen’s Weinkontor.

Photo: Berthold Fabricius

The expert lives up to his name and cooks a beef soup. Please note: Allow two to three days for the soup.

Hamburg. On a trip to the Austrian Weinviertel with accommodation in the beautiful old Place of residence Retz (a good tip for overnight stays, as soon as possible again, is Klinger’s guesthouse, we tasted the flavors served there beef soups in love – and cooked it at home on the spur of the moment. Highly recommend, definitely worth it, but plan two for three day delay one for that. Not full time, of course, but there’s always something to do in between.

The first day or the morning produces the spicy bone broth. On the second day or in the evening, cook the actual soup with the soup meat and leave to infuse overnight. From the third day, it’s time to enjoy!

Beef soup practically makes itself

The good news: it’s really easy and the soup practically makes itself. But because it’s such a chronological and organizational plan, today you’re given a recipe for eight people — after all, beef soup freezes really well. In addition, during the preparation phase, your apartment or house will be filled with an invigorating fragrance for days. And here’s how it works:

You need 1.2 liters of water, 800 ml of dry white wine, 800 g of beef bones, 800 g of beef brisket, 120 g of sliced ​​beef liver, half a piece of spleen, half a large onion with the skin, half an onion, sliced, a small yellow turnip, a small parsley root, a leek, half a small celeriac, 6 to 8 dried porcini mushrooms, a small tomato, 25 to 30 g of beef fat, two bay leaves, a few peppercorns, salt, aged balsamic vinegar, Styrian pumpkin seed oil and a bunch of chives.

Deglaze the liver slices in cold water

Clean the vegetables and cut them into thick slices. Wash the bones and the meat under cold water then pat them dry. Roast half the onion on a piece of aluminum foil directly on the stove until the cut surface is dark brown. Now fry the onion rings in beef fat until golden brown and gradually add the liver slices. Roast them carefully then deglaze with a little cold water so that the liver does not become bitter.

Put the washed bones in a large pot with cold water and white wine and heat everything. When the water begins to boil, lower the heat and simmer the bones over low-medium heat for five hours. Now season everything with a little salt and a few peppercorns. Then add the prepared vegetable soup, mushrooms, roasted onion, roasted onion and liver mixture, diced tomato, bay leaves, spleen and meat to the pot.

Refresh the soup with ice water

Then increase the heat, let everything boil for a few minutes and then gently continue to simmer the soup over low heat. Do not skim the rising foam to preserve the aromatic taste. Important: Always shock the soup with a little ice water. She likes it because it not only makes her lighter, but tastier too.

After about 3 hours, take the cooked meat out and put it in an airtight container in the fridge, as you will need it later. Then let the soup simmer for another hour. Then strain them slowly through a sieve, let them cool and refrigerate overnight. Then the fat has settled on top and you treat it like you would your investment income: you skim off most of it.

Real Beef Stew Needs Some Big Eyes

Now pour the soup through a large paper towel-lined colander to clarify it. Leave the remaining fat in, because real beef soup needs some big eyes. Now, after all these days and hours of deprivation, the big moment has arrived: you can bring your soup to the boil and, if necessary, season it with freshly ground salt and pepper, because it is now ready to serve. .

If you wish, you can add carrots and celeriac cut into very fine cubes and leave to stand for about 15 to 20 minutes. But was there anything else? To the right! Tenderly cooked beef brisket is waiting in your refrigerator to be used.

Marinate the beef brisket with aged balsamic vinegar

Cut them into very small cubes and marinate them carefully with old balsamic vinegar and Styrian pumpkin seed oil (but not too much, the taste of the soup should remain dominant). Put the meat in the hot soup at the very end to keep it juicy, and after serving sprinkle the finely chopped chives directly on the garnished plates. There is also hearty brown bread. Enjoy your lunch!

And what do you drink with Weinviertel beef soup? Definitely a classic, bright and peppery-mineral Grüner Veltliner from the Weinviertel.

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