Quick soups and stews: these products make it easy

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The soup is prepared quickly and is a healthy meal that almost everyone loves.

Here we show you products that will make preparation easier for you.

Prepared in this way, you can start the fall with tasty recipes for soups and stews.

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Hungry but don’t feel like cooking? Then a quick soup is the best solution. It fills you up, is easy to make ahead, and you can choose from many common household ingredients. We’ve put together some tips for soups and stews here. Prepared this way, autumn can arrive!

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Cooking Quick Soups and Stews: What’s Important

Pure vegetable soups are made quickly. But watch out for ingredients that cook faster and take longer. Beans and carrots, for example, can be added to boiling water a little in advance, then you can add small pieces of potato. This way your stew will be tasty, not too soft, and still contain as many vitamins as possible. The rule of thumb for meat is: you should allow two hours of cooking time per kilogram – for example, if you are boiling a whole chicken to make a tasty chicken soup.

Point: If you do not always have soup vegetables (celery, carrots, leeks, parsley) at home, prepare your own vegetable broth. Just cut everything very finely and season well. Then let it soak for a couple of hours and let the water that comes out drain out. Dried vegetables can be stored in an airtight jar in the refrigerator for several months and can then be used to flavor any variation of soup in no time.

4 products with which soups and stews can be prepared quickly

The most annoying part of preparing a soup is undoubtedly the preparation. Not only do the vegetables need to be washed and peeled so that the stews can cook without completely falling apart, but the pieces also need to be of a good size. With this extensive chopper and peeler set* you save yourself a lot of work because the vegetables are simply pressed.

Zrrrrrp. Complete! A blender* is really essential for preparing creamy soups. This is how you can easily turn chunks of potato, pumpkin and more into a creamy meal.

Pro tip for soup fans from the editorial team: make a big pot of soup, then freeze individual portions – so you always have quick soup on hand when you need it and when you need it. don’t have to opt for the more expensive – plate soup resort at the supermarket. They can even be transported frozen to the workplace. With a large soup pot*, you can prepare a good quantity at a time.

Now you might be thinking, “Wait, didn’t you want to show products for making soup quickly?” That’s right, because if you’re concerned about time, you shouldn’t ignore a slow cooker either*. In the morning, just add ingredients like vegetables and meat, add water, and simmer while you get to work. So you have a delicious meal in the evening, where you can be sure that the meat is nice and tender.

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