Price increase possible, Cookit according to the general manager no danger

In an interview with Wirtschaftswoche, Vorwerk Managing Director Thomas Stoffmehl commented on the current status of Thermomix products and the possible future. It does not rule out price increases and looks at the competition, like the Bosch Cookit, with a smile.

Vorwerk currently makes more than 50% of its sales with the Thermomix. Competition is intensifying because lidl with its models from the Monsieur Cuisine series, for example, offers much cheaper rivals. Bosch, in turn, wants to catch up with Cookit. Stoffmehl shrugs, saying he’s “not at all” worried. Of course, Vorwerk is watching the market, but they want to make 2022 another banner year.

We see the direct sales at the front door and the sales representatives of its mostly female advisers as an advantage. This strategy is an essential part of the recipe for success. The Cookit is a good device, but the price is too close to the Thermomix and that’s why Bosch also fails. According to Wirtschaftswoche, Stoffmehl says, “I know the sales figures. It’s a joke. A Vorwerk Thermomix costs 1,399 euros and a Bosch Cookit 1,299 euros.

According to the manager, at this price level, it is too difficult to convince only retail customers. Left to their own devices, the majority will tend to hit in the middle price segment. It doesn’t work without personal advice, some cynics might say “talk about it”. Bosch realizes this now and increasingly follows these personal sales talks. Bosch himself does not give any sales figures for the Cookit and only claims, contrary to the statements of the boss of Vorwerk, to be very satisfied with the sales.

In any case, Vorwerk wants to continue to lead sales as an essential pillar of Thermomix and to attract customers with innovations. The obstacles are seen less in competitors and more in the scarcity of raw materials. As a result, customers currently have to wait up to ten weeks for their device. Price increases are therefore also possible – but according to the Vorwerk-Primus they should remain below 5%. Nothing has been decided yet, the situation is still being assessed.

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