Looking for salt cakes from the tin

A sumptuous buffet of cakes and pies is a good thing. But not all guests like to eat “sweet”. Some people prefer a hearty meal and would prefer a piece of onion cake, asparagus quiche or salmon cake.

Finding Favorite Recipes

So we’re looking for your favorite recipe for a hearty box cake, which can also be served cold. Whether made with yeast dough, shortcrust pastry, puff pastry or another base, every recipe is welcome. Maybe you know a delicious sheet cake with lots of vegetables or another with meat or fish. The preparation can be simple or a little more complex.

Send your recipe – with a photo if you wish – by email to redaktion@wochenblatt.com or by post to the editors of the weekly agriculture and rural life, keyword “Hearty sheet cakes», PO Box 49 29, 48028 Munster. And if you have another great sheet cake recipe for sweet cakes, please post it.

Be sure to include your name, address and phone number (for questions). The closing date for entries is May 12, 2022. Among all entries, we are giving away three high-quality square tart pans from our partner magazine “Einfach Hausmachen”.

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