James May Cooks: Revenge of the Chicken Soup

Car enthusiast and British presenter, James May cooks on Amazon Prime Video: “Oh Cook”.

from Marco Sage

James May can drive a car, or so it seems when he and his two “Grand Tour” colleagues, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, step on the gas on behalf of Amazon, test cars and explore the streets and cultures of foreign countries. . Travel is over now, you can’t even go out to eat anywhere. It’s time to take care of the food yourself.

Stupid only if you can’t cook. But this deficit does not prevent James May from making a show of it. This is understandable given the popularity of the British TV presenter, as May might even succeed with a TV knitting class. On his show Oh Cook, available to watch on Prime Video from today, Friday, the 57-year-old will prepare dishes (including chicken noodle soup) from his cookbook, 60 Easy Recipes that any fool can do, for the benefit of many – a good time. Because May is a joy to watch, especially when she fails.

As a home cook you suffer, you feel the pain (chopping onions!), the rising anger, the resignation, but also the joy that cooking has to offer. James May learns, and the anti-cook, who can barely reheat a few sausages, learns with him. According to May, after seven episodes you should be “nourished with knowledge”. Marco WeiseAvailable on Amazon Prime Video

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