Immersion blender test: 5 models for quick, healthy and above all delicious smoothies

Whether smoothie, soup or pesto – with an immersion blender you can create many (healthy) dishes in no time. The great hand blender test shows which device gives satisfactory results and whether the price plays a role.

In the morning there is an energy boost in the form of a smoothie, at noon your favorite pasta with homemade pesto is waiting for you, and for dinner you can conjure up a light vegetable soup – three meals, one device: an immersion blender. In the test we tell you which model is worthwhile and what you should pay attention to when buying. The details make the difference here. Because all the hand blenders in this comparison have one thing in common: they do their job at least satisfactorily.

Hand blender test: you should pay attention to this when buying

The fact that the hand blenders all performed very well in the test may not make your choice any easier. The question of which hand blender is now the right one for YOU can therefore only be answered by looking at the requirements of your hand blender. While an inexpensive model like the “Ideenwelt P8-RM-SB” hand blender from Rossmann or the “Koenic KHB 3121” hand blender from MediaMarkt or Saturn gives good results, these hand blenders lack accessories. If you can live without it, there’s nothing wrong with choosing one of these hand blenders. So the question is: what accessories do you need to make the device worthwhile?

These 5 models are convincing

Braun Multiquick 5

German quality brand Braun offers a handful of good hand blenders. The “Multimix 5” series is one of the best sellers. Because there are hand blenders “Single” without additional accessories and in sets with various additional equipment. From the chopper for herbs or nuts to the whisk to easily whip cream or eggs. The individual accessories can be easily exchanged using the click system. Always with you: a shaker with a capacity of 600 milliliters. While the handle is plastic, the blender itself is sturdy stainless steel and dishwasher safe. 21 infinitely adjustable speed levels offer precise gradations when mashing – to start slow, for example, so the food doesn’t fly in your face.

In a test by Stiftung Warentest, a variant of the “Braun Multiquick 5” won first place. According to the consumer institute, the “Braun Multiquick 5 Vario MQ 5200” offers a very good function (rating 1.2) and, together with other criteria, an overall score of 1.5.

The world of ideas Rossmann P8-RM-SB

As mentioned at the start, you can be happy if you prefer a pure hand blender without too many frills. Because these are correspondingly cheap. Rossmann’s own brand, for example, offers the “Rossmann World of Ideas P8-RM-SB” for less than 20 euros. In addition to the stirring rod, you get a mixing bowl with a lid and a capacity of 700 milliliters. Although a plastic grill and a stainless steel hand blender are also combined here to form a hand blender, this is unfortunately not suitable for the dishwasher. After all, the hand blender and the handle can be separated and the hand blender can be easily cleaned under running water. You can adjust the speed continuously using a dial.

The Rossmann Hand Blender also received a quality rating from Stiftung Warentest and was rated “good” with an overall rating of 1.9. Definitely a solid device for a tight budget.

Only problem : The Rossmann Hand Blender is not always available online. If it’s available, find it here.

Koenic KHB 3121

Also the company Koenic of the house Saturn / MediaMarkt has a convincing hand blender in its range. Without additional extras (apart from the almost obligatory mixing cup), the “KHB 3121” model is in the lower price segment. With its removable stainless steel accessory, the hand blender does its job and is easy to clean afterwards. Please note: the device as a whole is not specified as dishwasher safe, the individual parts – so apparently the mixer attachment – must be dishwasher safe.

In the area of ​​hand blenders without accessories, Stiftung Warentest is satisfied and awards an overall rating of 2.2. With a rating of 1.7, the function of the device in particular is rated even higher.

Philips Viva Collection ProMix HR2657/90

The Philips brand – like many other brand manufacturers – offers much more than just a hand blender. As for additional accessories, the “Philips Viva Collection ProMix HR2657/90” significantly different from the competition. In addition to the blender, whisk and chopper, the set also includes a to-go cup and a spiralizer with three different attachments. You can use the latter to prepare vegetable noodles, for example.

Getting started is very simple. The various attachments are swapped with the click of a button and the speed is controlled at the touch of a button – the harder you press, the faster the stainless steel blades spin.

In the Stiftung Warentest test, the Philips set took first place among the hand blender sets and received an overall rating of 1.7.

AEG Deli 5 HB5-1-8SS

Due to the wide range of accessories, the “AEG Deli 5 HB5-1-8SS” rather than more expensive hand blenders. In addition to the hand blender, a mixing bowl and a lid, it also comes with other extras: a special attachment allows you to prepare mashed potatoes / mashed potatoes in no time time and use the chopper to turn your herbs, nuts and cheese into a beautiful pesto. A whisk, on the other hand, helps you whip cream or eggs and make mayonnaise. A rotating wheel ensures that the speed of rotation can be changed continuously. The manufacturer also promises that “the blender foot, beaker, lid, chopper and potato masher” are dishwasher safe.

In the Stiftung Warentest test, the hand blender from AEG received an overall rating of 2.1 and the function itself 1.6. A good result which is even more convincing due to the relatively low price of the complete set.

How many watts does an immersion blender need?

You may have noticed that we did not specify power when presenting the individual models in the hand blender test. This can be explained by the results of a study by Stiftung Warentest. In this case, hand blenders with a wide variety of wattages were tested – with the result that the wattage itself does not provide any reliable information about the mash results. The “more watts = better result” assumption couldn’t hold. Also, the hand blenders didn’t even call at full power – not even in turbo mode. So don’t be distracted by high power and instead look at the blades and, if necessary, the extra extras that make it easier for you to prepare the food and drink you want.

How much does a good hand blender cost?

The results and descriptions of the individual hand blenders in the test clearly show that a good hand blender does not have to be expensive. Additional functions and attachments cost accordingly. If you don’t want to do without extras, it may be worth using a hand mixer system that you can add according to your own wishes. Buying a complete set upfront is usually less expensive. However, if you already have one or two attachments at home, it might be worth buying a pure hand blender and a few selected extras. This way you get exactly the equipment you need and, in addition to saving money, you also save space that you might otherwise have to spend on double mixers and the like.

What can you do with a hand blender?

With a good hand blender, you can mash almost anything. Raw vegetables, fruits, baby food, etc. Since hand blenders (usually) have a stainless steel base, they don’t mind the heat. For your safety, it is advised NOT to hold the hand blender in a hot soup, but rather to allow it to cool before pureeing – but technically that would work.

Especially people who like to eat healthy or at least healthier are well equipped with an immersion blender. They can be used to prepare excellent smoothies in the morning – quickly and easily. Vegetable soups are already creamy by pureeing them with a hand blender – without having to add heavy cream to them. Perfect!

Which is better: an immersion blender or a stand blender?

A very clear statement as to whether a hand blender or a stand mixer is better cannot be made. Both devices have obvious advantages. Nevertheless, a hand mixer offers many advantages over a stand mixer.

  1. Space-saving: An immersion blender – especially ones that can be split into two parts – is much smaller and easier to store. A spacious drawer is often enough. A stand mixer either takes up a lot of cabinet space or even a permanent area on the counter.
  2. Lighter: Stand mixers can weigh quite a bit due to their thick glass walls. Bulky stand mixers are no fun, especially when cleaned by hand.
  3. Dishwasher safe: In the majority of hand blenders, at least the most important section – the hand blender with the cutting mechanism – is dishwasher safe. A clear argument for the hand blender and against the stand blender.
  4. More flexible: Using a hand blender is much easier and more comprehensive than using a stand mixer. Especially when making soups or if you want to prepare baby food ahead of time. After all, with a hand blender you can work directly in a pot – either in a large or a small saucepan. With a blender, you may need to decant first or process larger quantities in multiple stages.

How did we choose the hand blenders?

For the hand blender test or comparison, we have carried out extensive research and have referred to, among other things, the test results of Stiftung Warentest, but also the ratings of previous customers (eg Amazon customers). Criteria such as additional equipment and handling, such as stepless speed adjustment, were also important. The order of the descriptions does not represent a ranking.

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