Frittatensuppe: classic hearty recipe



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  1. For the pancakes, mix the eggs with the milk. Then gradually add the flour. Season everything with salt and pepper. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the batter into pancakes. Drain the pancakes on paper towel and cut them into strips.

  2. Briefly bring the beef broth to a boil and season with slaz, pepper, chives and parsley. Then add the pancakes and serve.

What is pancake soup?

Pancake soup is a hearty beef broth with savory pancake strips. The soup is seasoned with salt, pepper, parsley and chives. Frittatensuppe is a traditional starter and is often served in Austria, but also in this country, on festive occasions.

Incidentally, in Swabian or Baden cuisine Frittatensuppe is known as Flädlesuppe, in other parts of Germany also as Pancakesuppe.

How do you make pancake soup?

Cooking pancake soup yourself is very simple: it is important that you have enough beef stock as a base. You can prepare them yourself or buy them ready-made.

Then unsweetened pancakes are baked and cut into thin strips. These are then added to the soup along with the herbs. Season everything with salt and pepper and enjoy!

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