Fond, broth and broth: what’s the difference?

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How is it actually?
Follow-up: stock, broth and broth – what are the differences?

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Broth, broth and broth are difficult to distinguish. But what do you actually use for what? We explain the differences to you.

No more instant stock from the supermarket: we tell you what you need to know about stock, stock and stock and give you the best tips for making it at home!

Especially on rainy days, we have a strong need for “inner warmth” – soups, stews and sauces are real caresses for the soul. They are made from broth. Or is it broth? What are the differences between broth, stock and broth? We have solved the riddle and give you the best tips for the preparation!

Differences between broth, broth and broth: in brief

All the terms have one thing in common: they are liquids that take on the taste and color of the food cooked in it and then served with meat, used as a sauce base or for cooking other foods. The biggest difference is the amount of boiled liquid.

How is broth cooked?

A broth is water in which meat, poultry, vegetables or even fish and seafood have been cooked. It is quite liquid and can be eaten on its own, with ingredients such as egg cream , noodles or vegetables, or used as a base for soups. It’s easy to do: put the vegetables and/or the meat in cold water, season with a bay leaf or allspice, bring to the boil then simmer for a few minutes at low temperature. Unlike its stronger counterparts, the broth must be salted from the start so that the meat remains aromatic when it is later served as a soup ingredient.

Does the broth take longer to boil?

In French-speaking countries, bouillon translates to broth. In the German vernacular, the term is mainly used for strong beef broth, also called power or bone broth. Due to the boiling of the meat and bones, it contains more nutrients than normal broth and has a much more intense taste. A broth can also be made from vegetables. The cooking process takes a little longer, but at the same time the intensity of the taste increases.

Point: If the meat is boiled so that all the flavors are transferred to the liquid, the Broth or broth should only be salted at the end of cooking.

Popular in the paleo diet and the common cold: bone broth. You can easily make them yourself with this recipe: Simply cook your own bone broth.

This keeps the broth clear

If a (broth or) broth is clarified, that is to say that the cloudy parts are filtered, it is called consumed. The best known method is to incorporate beaten egg whites into the simmering liquid. If the protein thickens, it binds to the parts responsible for the turbidity, rises to the top and can then be easily skimmed off. The result is a fine and clear soup.

Did you know that there are many things that can go wrong when cooking soup? In the video we tell you more:

Broth or broth as a base for a sauce?

The broth is the most intense and is therefore particularly popular as a sauce base. In order to create the strong taste, fresh food scraps are also used in the decoction. Vegetable peelings, bones, carcasses, bones and gristle go into the pot. If the ingredients are seared before adding the liquid, great roasted flavors are created and the broth turns black.

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The best ingredients

In general, when making broth, broth or broth: All ingredients are allowed. Experiment with different vegetables or use leftovers from an elaborate feast. This gives each soup its own touch. There are no limits to the variety of tastes

Point: I have it with ginger and chili Broth, broth and co an exciting kick. Strengthens the immune system and is an extra boost for the metabolism.

Broths, stocks and leftover broths can also be frozen wonderfully as ice cubes. You’ll never have to use stock cubes from the supermarket again!

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