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Many Burgdorfers have certainly already noted a date in their diaries: The “Chicken Soup” on Saturday February 5, 2022. This will no longer be served from the Altstadtleist on Kronenplatz, but by a team from the “Stadthaus” on the terrace of the sold hotels. Until now, the chefs of the “Stadthaus” transported the large cooking pots to the Kronenplatz, where the members of the Leist board of directors offered them on a stand specially set up for this purpose. As soon as the soup ran out, the “creators” ordered more. A little later, the leaders leave. This type of work process was cumbersome for everyone involved. “It is a pleasure and an honor for us to be able to carry on the tradition of chicken soup ourselves,” said Stadthaus manager Marvin Portmann. At the same time, he announced that the Chicken Soup Ball, which should have taken place on the evening of the same day, has been canceled due to corona. Leist’s board of directors is firmly convinced that it entrusts its “office” to perfectly suited hands. “The ‘Stadthaus’ has been the perfect partner for us over the years to maintain this custom. She will continue to manage this ‘legacy’ with heart and soul.” Both parties assure that no changes will be made to the soup according to the motto “Never change as a recipe for chüschtigs”.

Thank you women
Chicken soup is an age-old custom. It dates back to the time when the women of Burgdorf used pitchforks and flails to help their husbands defend the city against the Austrian nobles. In 1388, the Bernese burgomaster ordered that women be served chicken soup every year in gratitude for their efforts.


The sale of chicken soup begins on Saturday February 5, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. Three decilitres cost 15 francs and a liter (also available in a vacuum bag) 21 francs. “That was as long as it was.”

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