Banana soup made with ripe bananas: easy hearty recipe

You can use leftover ripe bananas in banana soup. We’re going to show you a delicious recipe for hearty banana soup – you only need plant-based ingredients.

Using brown bananas instead of throwing them away is an important contribution against food waste. This hearty banana soup is perfect for that. The peculiarity is the combination of the sweet taste of bananas and a salty note, which is traditionally created by adding vegetables and meat.

We don’t use any animal-derived ingredients in our recipe, which means the soup can also be used for a vegan diet appropriate is.

Banana soup: the recipe

Banana soup is the best way to use up overripe bananas.
(Photo: CC0/Pixabay/Alexas_Photos)

hearty banana soup

  • Preparation: about 10 minutes
  • Cooking/cooking time: about 10 minutes
  • Quantity: 4 serving(s)