4 foods to eat when you have a cold

At some point, it affects everyone: your nose runs, your throat hurts and you feel weak. Anyone who is in bed with a cold often wonders what to eat to get rid of the flu quickly. These 3 foods are good against colds.

4 foods to eat when you have a cold

1. Ginger

The large tuber should not be missing from this list. If you suffer from sore throat and runny nose, you should try ginger. This has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, expectorant and antiviral effect and is therefore a popular home remedy for the common cold. Simply pour hot water over a piece of ginger and steep for 5-10 minutes. Once the drink has cooled, take out the piece of ginger with a spoon and drink the infusion. Alternatively, you can also drink a cup of ginger tea, here is the healthy tea >>

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2. Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is best known for its high vitamin C content. It contains almost eight times more vitamin C than lemons! This vitamin notably strengthens our immune system, which is why you have to take a lot of it when you have the flu. When you have a cold, it is better to drink sea buckthorn juice two to three times a day. Buy the delicious juice here >>

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